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Eric Lu

Well, color me impressed! 😲 You clicked! Are you a custom pouch connoisseur or just a web wanderer? 

No matter! Dive deeper, and let's uncover the secrets of this site. Who knows? There might be some hidden gems (or giggles) ahead! 🎁🤓

About me

Hello there, fine folks!

"Hey, digital traveler! I'm Eric Lu, the chief web-tamer here. 🎩 Since 2018, I've been dancing with automation packaging machines and those jazzy flexible bags. Started as the maestro for our B2B gigs on Alibaba and Made-in-China. Coffee, tea, food packaging? We rocked them all.

Fast forward: three years ago, I DIY'd my own digital stage, xhtepack. Shared my backstage secrets on packaging, and boy, did the crowd come running for those automated pouch encores! 🎤🎶"

Eric lu
Hey there! I'm Eric Lu, the Website operator of Bagnpouch. With half a decade under my belt in the flexible packaging arena, consider me your personal guru for autopackaging wisdom, flexible pouch magic, and the art of spinning brand tales. 
Let's make packaging a tad more fabulous together!" 🎩✨

Why build this website?

"During my digital escapades with the site, I bumped into a bunch of cool cats in the flexible bag packaging alley.

🐱 And guess who stood out? Ivy! She's a reliable supplier of flexible bag packaging, juggling custom printed pouches solution for frozen food,  coffee powder, Whole beans, liquid & paste, wine, and more.

Flashback to 2021, we brewed up an idea to join forces in the world of flexible bag packaging. And just like that, Bagnnpouh was born!

Our game plan? To unravel the mysteries of flexible bag packaging and give a sneak peek into the packaging trends on the horizon. All to light the way for fellow packagers and elevate their ventures. Ready, set, package! 📦🌟"

Your Brand, Our Passion

Seal in freshness, lock in flavor. Explore our top-tier flexible packaging solutions.
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