About Bagnpouch

Opt for bagnpouch as your packaging partner and benefit from tailor-made flexible packaging solutions and a seamless end-to-end service. 

Make the flexible packaging easy for you

As a China-based custom flexible packaging manufacturer since 2010, Bagnpouch ensures businesses of all sizes have access to budget-friendly branded custom printed pouches. Devote your energy to growing your business, and let us manage your state-of-the-art packaging solutions.

What We Offer

Benefit from our a range of flexible packaging solutions, including stand-up pouches, flat bottom pouches, roll stock, lay-flat pouches, sachet packaging, child-resistant packaging, and sustainable packaging options. 

Constructed with superior materials, our packages ensure product safety and sustained freshness, while our custom printed pouches grant your customers a tasteful, esteemed, and deluxe experience.

Superior flexible packaging production line

Bagnpouch, boasting a decade of experience in flexible packagings. Our departments handle blow molding, printing, inspection, compounding, slitting, pouch-making, logistics, and warehousing. 

We have 10 production lines, numerous high-speed printers, and a diverse equipment lineup, including 70+ film blowing machines, 10-color high-speed gravure printers, compound machines, and slitting machines. 

Customizable Services

Customizing flexible packaging involves many factors such as material, bag type, size, thickness, quantity, and printing. Our team helps with every detail, including additional features like tear holes and zippers. 

With our in-house design services and attentive support, customers enjoy a seamless experience while achieving high-quality packaging at a competitive cost.

Why 500+ Businesses Trust Bagnpouch’s Expertise

Beyond project fulfillment, we concentrate on establishing strong client relationships and committing our efforts to help you excel in your goals with exceptional flexible pouch packaging solutions.

Experienced packaging specialists

Our packaging specialists cooperate with you to define your goals and provide tailored solutions suited to your project

Save time and money

We're committed to sourcing superior materials at affordable rates, so you can access outstanding packaging without breaking the bank.

Variety features & addons

Leverage advanced packaging options to give your product a competitive edge in the marketplace, ensuring it stands out from the competition and captures attention.

Strict quality control

Experience top-notch quality and service as we continually enhance our products and offerings. We ensure your packaging arrives flawlessly.

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