Markets we served

Bagnpouch proudly serves an extensive array of markets, spanning snacks, dry foods, coffee & tea, nutritional supplements, beauty items, pet food, and herbal medications.

Flexible Packaging for Your Industry

Delve deeper into our key markets below or connect with one of our flexible packaging experts to learn how we can empower your brand.


Experience superior-quality pouches tailored for tea leaves, engineered to provide enhanced barrier properties and preserve freshness, intense taste, and lasting fragrance for extended durations.

Coffee product

In the competitive coffee industry, standing out is essential, and it begins with packaging. Our custom coffee bags showcase your brand's identity while ensuring your coffee stays fresh and enticing.


Indulge in the sweet aroma of success with our custom bakery bags. These pouches are designed to capture the essence of your bakery, creating a memorable unboxing experience for your customers.

Frozen food packaging

With superior insulation and stunning print quality, our quality pouches ensure your products stand out in the freezer aisle. From farm-fresh veggies to gourmet meals, we've got your frozen food packaging needs covered.

Drink & Beverage

Our extensive selection of spouts – such as tamper-evident, flip-top, non-drip, screw cap, and butterfly tap – ensures that your beverage products are not only easy to drink and pour, but also clean and eco-friendly.

Liquid & Sauce

In the dynamic world of liquids and sauces, our liquid pouches are revolutionizing packaging. Offering both sustainability and style, they're the top choice for brands aiming to make a splash in the market.


These custom flexible pouches not only preserve flavor and crispiness but also highlight your brand's commitment to delivering an exceptional snacking experience tailored to niche customers.

Pet care

Delight niche customers in the pet food market with our custom flexible pouch packaging, featuring a versatile selection of solutions for wet, semi-wet, and dry pet foods.

Dry food stuffs

These flexible pouches are designed to keep your products fresh, well-protected, and easily storable, making them the ideal packaging solution for your target market.

Processed food

Experience the benefits of custom flexible packaging for the processed foods market, focused on delivering convenience, portability, freshness, and a long shelf life.


Our pharmaceutical-grade flexible pouches are designed to meet stringent industry standards, safeguarding your products from contamination, moisture, and damage.

Personal Care & Beauty

Enhance your personal care and beauty products with our high-quality pouches. Our packaging solutions are perfect for cosmetics, creams, lotions, and other beauty essentials.

Other products

We also offer tailor-made and pre-made pouches and laminated films, designed specifically for industrial powders, fertilizers, granulated chemicals, lubricants, and various other applications.

How we work on your packaging project

We're here to make your journey into custom printed pouch packaging as smooth as your best blend.

Send a quote

Tell us the essentials about the bag you envision—type, size, material, features, and quantity. 
We'll swiftly deliver an instant quote with an estimated price.

Upload a design

Grab your printing template and whisk us away with your artwork. 
Our pre-press wizards will review it and confirm it's good to go.

Approve your proofs

Every client gets a complimentary digital proof.
You're always welcome to request a free flat proof to double-check artwork and colors.

Seal the Deal

Once you've given your printing proof the green light, decide on the number of bags you desire and submit your order.


Count on us to deliver your order to your chosen haven between 7 to 20 working days. 
We're all about making sure you delight in your exquisite bags

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We are always ready to start working on your order. Talk to us about your business and package needs.
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