Wholesale Pyramid Tea Bag Mesh Roll

Bulk Nylon Mesh Rolls for Pyramid Tea Bag Packaging

Our Food Grade Nylon Mesh Tea Bag Rolls, safe and non-toxic, address these issues head-on.

Available in pyramid or flat styles with a drawstring and customizable tag, they ensure your tea remains fresh and your brand memorable.

Elevate your tea bag packaging with our solution to build trust and loyalty.

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Pyramid Tea Bag Mesh Rolls We Supply

Food-Safe, Durable, and Perfectly Suited for Your Tea’s Quality Preservation

Features of Our Pyramid Tea Bag Mesh Rolls

Ensuring the highest standards of food safety with our non-toxic, BPA-free materials, for tea that's as safe as it is delicious.
Key attributes

What Does Pyramid Tea Bag Mesh Made of?

Pyramid tea bags are crafted from a variety of materials, each selected for their unique properties to enhance the tea-drinking experience.

The most common materials include Food Grade Nylon (PA NYLON), PLA Corn Fiber, and Non-Woven Fabrics. Let's explore these options further.

Industry-specific Attributes

Pyramid tea bag mesh
Standard Width140/160/180mm
String length125/165/180mm
Seal AdaptabilityHeat sealing & Ultrasonic sealing
PackingCarton Box

Why Choose Bagnpouch's Pyramid Tea Bag Mesh?

  • Optimal Freshness and Flavor: Our mesh rolls are crafted from the finest materials, ensuring that the delicate flavors and aromas of the tea are perfectly preserved from packaging to brewing.

    Eco-Friendly Solutions: We offer biodegradable and compostable options like PLA Corn Fiber, alongside our durable and visually appealing food-grade Nylon, catering to the growing demand for green packaging.

    Customization at Its Best: Recognizing the need to stand out, we provide customizable tag services, allowing your brand to shine through unique packaging.

    Quality That Speaks Volumes: Every mesh roll meets stringent safety and durability standards, reassuring you and your customers of the product's integrity.

    Cost-Effective Choices: We offer solutions that balance premium quality with affordability, ensuring you get the best value without compromising on excellence.

Shop Our Nylon Tea Bag Mesh Rolls for Pyramid Tea Bags

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