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Pouch types
  • Stand-up pouches: "Our stand-up pouches give your product the chance to stand tall and proud on store shelves."
  • Flat-bottom pouches: "With a flat base, our pouches make sure your product stays put and looks great doing it."
  • Gusset bags: "Our gusset bags can handle all sorts of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for your various needs."
  • Sachet bags: "Small but mighty, our sachet bags are just the right size for portion control and convenience."
  • Stick pouches: "Slim and easy to carry, our stick pouches are perfect for folks on the move."
  • Flat pouches: "Simple and effective, our flat pouches save space while keeping your product protected."
  • Child-resistant packaging: "Ensure safety and compliance with our secure child-resistant packaging solutions."
  • Rollstock: "Customize your packaging process with our flexible and adaptable rollstock materials."
Pouch size
  • Measurements are displayed as Width x Height x Gusset (Stand-Up Pouches) or Width x Height (Lay-Flat Pouches), referring to the external dimensions.
  • Our Sample Pack assists you in accurately determining the ideal pouch size for your specific needs.
Clear windows

Make your product stand out with a clear poly material and a window of any shape or size anywhere on your bag. This free feature provides consumers with a view of your product

Tear notches

Tear notches ensure a tidy and precise pouch opening, enhancing user experience.

For all styles of bags, tear notches can be easily added as an accessory, providing a clean and efficient opening solution

Shaped pouches

Our uniquely shaped pouches add a touch of creativity to your packaging, making your product stand out while keeping it practical for everyday use.

Matrerial options
film material options

Choosing the right material for your flexible pouch is a breeze when you know what you're looking for.

  • Need a see-through pouch? Go for CLEAR film.
  • Fancy a silver lining on the inside? METALLIZED film is your answer.
  • If neither matters, our well-loved WHITE film is your go-to option.

Beyond these choices, we offer specialized materials like aluminum foil, kraft paper, and others to accommodate boilable, microwaveable, and various packaging requirements.

  • Looking for a vibrant, eye-catching pouch? Opt for a GLOSS finish. A glossy finish enhances colors, showcasing your product's brand culture with flair and style.
  • Prefer a more subtle, understated look? Choose a MATTE finish. A matte finish, increasingly popular in today's market, adds a touch of sophistication.
  • For multi-use products that require secure resealing after opening, choose our convenient zipper option to keep your product fresh and protected.
  • If your product is for one-time use and customers will likely discard the pouch after opening, you can opt to skip the optional zipper, simplifying the packaging process."
Hang hole
  • If your pouch will be showcased on retail hooks or pegs, opt for a Hang Hole (with Round being the most popular) to ensure easy display and customer access.

  • For weightier products or retailers using loop-style hooks, go for a Euro-Style Hang Hole for better support and stability.

  • If neither scenario applies to your packaging needs, simply skip the optional Hang Hole for a clean and straightforward design"

Round corner

Choose Rounded Corners to elevate the look of your pouches while enhancing user safety by eliminating potential hazards from sharp edges.

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Checkout the standard flexible pouch sizes

Stand-up pouch
Side gusset pouch
Flat bottom pouch
Lay flat pouch
Spout pouch
Standard pouch size:
Pouch typePouch dimensionsDosage
Small4"W x 6" Hx 2"Gusset (102mm x 152mm x 51mm)6 OZ
Medium5" Wx 8" Hx 2.5"Gusset (127mm x 203mm x 64mm)12 OZ
Large6" Wx 9"H x 3" Gusset (152mm x 229mm x 76mm)16 OZ
Extra Large7"W x 10"H x 3.5" Gusset (178mm x 254mm x 89mm)20 OZ
Standard pouch size:
Pouch typePouch dimensions
Small3.125" Wx 5.125"H x 2"Gusset (80mm x 130mm x 50mm)
Medium4"W x 7"H x 2.375" Gusset (100mm x 180mm x 60mm)
Large5" Wx 8.25"H x 3"Gusset (127mm x 210mm x 76mm)
Extra Large6"W x 9.25"H x 3.5" Gusset (152mm x 235mm x 89mm)
Standard pouch size:
Pouch typePouch dimensionsDosage
Small4"W x 6" Hx 2"Gusset (102mm x 152mm x 51mm)6 OZ
Medium5" Wx 8" Hx 2.5"Gusset (127mm x 203mm x 64mm)12 OZ
Large6" Wx 9"H x 3" Gusset (152mm x 229mm x 76mm)16 OZ
Extra Large7"W x 10"H x 3.5" Gusset (178mm x 254mm x 89mm)20 OZ
Standard pouch size:
Pouch typePouch dimensions
Small3.125"W x 5.125H" (80mm x 130mm)
Medium4"W x 6"H (100mm x 150mm)
Large5"W x 8" H(127mm x 203mm)
Extra Large6"W x 9"H (152mm x 228mm)
Standard pouch size:
Pouch typePouch dimensions
3 ozApproximately 4"W x 6" H(102mm x 152mm)
8 ozApproximately 5" Wx 8" H(127mm x 203mm)
12 ozApproximately 6"W x 9"H (152mm x 229mm)
16 ozApproximately 6.5" Wx 10.5"H (165mm x 267mm)
20 ozApproximately 7"W x 11"H (178mm x 279mm)

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Stand up pouches
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Gusset bags
Flat bottom pouches
Custom mylar bags
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Sustainable packaging
Spout pouches
Stick pouches
Sachet packaging
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Sample Pack

We’re looking forward to being your custom packaging supplier! We know choosing the right product can be a daunting task, so we have a sample pack to help you make your decisions.

  • Print overruns from our actual customers
  • Includes all our standard sizes, film materials, and finishes
  • See actual production-quality pouches in person
  • Test with your product to find the size that works best
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