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Tired of bulky bottles and stale wine? We get it. Introducing our premium wine pouches - the perfect blend of innovation and sustainability.

As China's top wine pouch supplier, we've crafted these liquor pouches with you in mind. From wineries to wine lovers, experience the ease of carrying and the joy of a fresher, cooler sip every time.

Elevate your brand, delight your customers, and step into the modern era of wine packaging. Why settle for bottles when pouches do it better?

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Wine Pouches that We Supply

Keep your wine tasting just like the first with our superior wine pouches.

Doypack Pouch with Spout

Our elegant wine pouch matches the volume of a glass wine bottle.
Whether you choose the standard 750ml version or the big 1.5L size, customisation guarantees it is matched to the specific demands of your company.
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Frozen Alcoholic Drink Pouch

Experience the convenience and fun of drinking with our frozen liquor pouches, where high quality meets icy delight. 
These singel serve drink pouches with spout are meant to enrich your alcoholic beverage experience, anytime, anyplace. 
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Portable Wine Packaging Pouch

Step into the future with our Bag-in-box pouch, the epitome of convenience and style. 
From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, choose between a 1.5L to 10L size, and let your brand shine in every setting.
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Wine Bladder Bag

Made with food-safe materials, our  wine bladder bags ensure your wine stays fresh for longer. 
They're lightweight yet durable, perfect for easy transport and storage, appealing to both wine & spirits enthusiasts and professionals.
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Advantages of Flexible Wine Pouch Packaging

  • Extended Freshness: Our liquor pouches are carefully constructed to shield the wine from air and light, preserving its flavor and aroma with every sip.
  • Travel-Friendly: Lightweight and eary to carry, our wine pouches are perfect for outdoor event like picnics and festivals, reducing the risk of shattered glass.
  • Optimized Storage: The flexible nature of the wine pouches allows for efficient storage, adapting to various spaces.
  • Rapid Cooling: The wine pouches allows for faster cooling, ensuring that your wine reaches the ideal temperature in no time.
  • Consumer-Centric Design: The wine pouches promote ease, with easy-pour spouts and resealable lids, offering a smooth wine-drinking experience.
  • Customization Potential:  Size and style your wine pouches to match your brand's image and accommodate different wine varietals and consumer tastes.


Benefits for Wine Pouch Wholesale Buyers

  • 🚚 Hassle-Free Transportation: Our pouches will be packed in carton safety, guaranteeing your product reaches its destination intact.

  • 🎨 Custom Print: Stand out in a crowded wine pouch packaging industry with bespoke designs that reflect your brand's personality and purpose.

  • 📏 Multi Volume Options: Offer multiple volume options to meet varied market needs and ensure client satisfaction.

  • 🏭 High Production Capacity: Our 100K pouches per day capacity allows us to manage even the most demanding orders.

  • ⏰ Fast Delivery: Our efficient processes ensure your order is delivered within 3 weeks, keeping your business moving.

  • 🌱 Low MOQ: Perfect for startups or those testing the waters, begin with a friendly minimum order quantity of just 10,000 pouches.

  • ♻️ Sustainability:  Our liquor pouches are crafted from high barrier, BPA-free materials, ensuring wine safety and longevity.

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Real Stories from Satisfied Partners

James K

Founder of Golden Grapes Winery
Switching to the Bag in Box wine pouch was a game-changer for our brand. 
Not only did it offer superior wine pouch shelf life, but the design and storage capabilities also set us apart in the market."

Carlos H

Wine Exporter
"Our consumers like the ease of use of the spout pouches. The 750ml and 1.5L sizes are ideal for our selection of wines.  
Plus, the wine pouch design resonates with our modern audience, making wine pouch marketing a breeze!"

Mia T

Marketing Director at Urban Wines
The Portable alcoholic drink pouch has changed the way we think about wine on the go.
It's lightweight, easy to carry, and keep wine fresh for longer. As a private label wine brands, we've seen a significant boost in sales since the switch."

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a wine pouch?

A wine pouch is a flexible, durable drink pouch packaging solution designed specifically for wine & spirits.

It offers convenience and sustainability over glass bottles. With a spout or tap for easy pouring, it's ideal for on-the-go consumption as well as bigger gatherings.

Filexible Wine pouches VS Traditional Glass Bottles

Wine pouches are superior to bottles in several of significant aspects.

  • Pros of Wine Pouches:
    • Lightweight, and easy to carry. Reducing transportation costs.
    • Flexible design means less risk of breakage and easier storage.
    • Eco-friendly and cost-effective.
  • Cons of Wine Pouches:
    • Single-use nature (though they are recyclable).
    • Perception as less "premium" than glass (though this is changing). Bottles, albeit conventional and premium, are heavier, more breakable, and less environmentally friendly in production and shipping.

What closure options are available for custom wine pouch?

We offer a variety of closure options to suit different usage scenarios and preferences.

Screw Caps:

  • Feature: Easy-to-use twist-off caps.
  • Benefit: Provide a good seal for resealability and are user-friendly.

Spouts and Taps:

  • Feature: Fixed or attachable spouts, sometimes with a tap mechanism.
  • Benefit: Ideal for controlled pouring, especially for larger pouches, and they minimize air exposure to keep wine fresh.

Child-Resistant Closures:

  • Feature: Designed to be difficult for children to open.
  • Benefit: Adds an extra layer of safety, important for products that need to be kept away from children.

Velcro Hook & Loop Zipper Closure:

  • Feature: This closure features a hook and loop fastener system, similar to Velcro, integrated into a zipper mechanism.
  • Benefits: Provides a secure seal that is easy to open and close, ideal for repeated access to the product. 

What does wine pouches made of?

Our wine pouches are constructed from premium, multi-layered composite materials, such as PE and aluminium foil.

Oxygen and light are blocked by these materials. This design is crucial for wine freshness and purity.

All materials are food-safe, BPA-free, and designed for optimal preservation.  

Does the wine pouches can be reused?

We usually recommend using a wine pouch only once for the optimum wine quality.

However, if you intend to reuse, make sure to thoroughly clean the inside of the bag and the nozzle before refilling.

What are the future trends in wine pouch packaging?

Wine pouch packaging is continuously evolving, with various new trends appearing in the wine pouch packaging industry.

Here are some of the popular trends we've seen:

  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Many wine brands opt for biodegradable or recyclable wine pouches to promote sustainability.
  • Artistic Collaborations: Brands are designing limited-edition pouches with artists. Wine pouches with these unique designs are valuable and modern.
  • Smart Pouch Technology: QR codes or NFC chips are on some wine pouches. Scanning these can give buyers wine information, tasting notes, and virtual vineyard tours.
  • Single-Serve Pouches: Solo dining and drinking are increasing demand for single-serve wine pouches. They're great for picnics, treks, and peaceful nights in.
  • Themed Pouches: Popular wine pouches examples include holiday, festival, and movie release ones. They make wine-drinking fun.

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