Quality Custom Coffee Bags for Your Unique Brand

Save Money & Skyrocket Your Coffee Sales

Experience the power of tailored packaging solutions with our custom printed coffee bags. 

Designed with your coffee in mind, we offer a range of material structures to protect your product from the elements—be it oxidation, moisture, light, or odour. We're committed to elevating your brand, whether through clear structures, metalized films, aluminium foil, or kraft paper. 

Our stand-up pouches, flat pouches, and rollstock films don't just preserve your coffee—they amplify your brand.

  • Greater capacity
  • Premium Packaging
  • Lower average cost
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Transform Your Coffee Brand with Our Customizable Bags

Our custom coffee bags offer more than just a container for your product – they provide an opportunity to differentiate your brand, delight your customers, and drive your sales to new heights.

Roadmap to selecting the best coffee packaging solutions

Discover how our custom coffee bags can elevate your brand, keep your coffee fresher for longer, and boost your bottom line.

Material Choices

Dive into the world of material options, from shelf life extension to environmental conservation.  
Choose from a high oxygen barrier plastic, kraft paper, or Metalized PET film. 
Select materials that echo your brand's ethos and commitment.

Bag styles options

Familiarize yourself with a diverse array of bag styles, include Square Bottom, Stand Up Pouches, Gusset Bags, and more. 
Each of them tells a different story on the shelf. Pick a style that truly embodies your brand's essence.

Features & add-ons

Boost your coffee's appeal with smart add-ons: degassing valves for freshness, tin-ties for practicality, and EZ-zippers for customer convenience. 
From matte and shiny to haptic finishes, choose a style that matches your brand's ethos.

Just like the diversity of coffee beans, roasts, and sale formats, our packaging options offer an equally broad range.

Picking the right size, shape, and features for your coffee packing business, whether you resell it in stores or sell it wholesale.

We're here to help you navigate through these decisions, from selecting the right print option to determining a cost-effective quantity.

Let's start a conversation about your brand's packaging needs.

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The Fabric of Freshness: Coffee Bag Materials Unveiled

The material of the coffee bag plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the coffee inside remains as fresh as the day it was packed. Here are the leading materials in the coffee packaging world:

  • High Barrier Plastics: A champion in sealing freshness, this material ensures that external factors don't compromise the coffee's quality.
  • Metalized Films: Beyond their sleek and shiny appearance, these films offer a robust barrier against moisture and light.
  • Kraft Paper: A favorite for those seeking an organic, rustic look without compromising on protection.
  • Metalized PET Film: A fusion of strength and style, this material is both durable and visually appealing.

Printing Freedom for Your Coffee Bags

Our digital printing services break away from standard sizes and limited design options.

Every coffee bean roaster, regardless of its popularity, can have its own distinct design.

For large quantities, explore our plate printing services for personalized artwork and lower per-unit costs.

Boost your brand's image and save time with our custom printed bags.

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Budget-Friendly Custom Coffee Bags

Whether you're a start-up roaster or have a long-established business, our custom printed coffee pouches offer quality packaging solutions at a price that fits your budget.
Coffee Bag SizeQuantitySuit forPrice Range
12 OZ Side Gusset1,000 BagsStart-Up Roasters$1.10 - $1.25
10,000 BagsEstablished Roasters$0.35 - $0.55
12 OZ Box Bottom3,000 BagsStart-Up Roasters$0.95 - $1.25
5,000 BagsEstablished Roasters$0.55 - $0.75

A Deep Dive into Custom Coffee Bag Packaging

Unearth the latest innovations and shifts in coffee bag packaging, from design nuances to sustainability strides.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the design of coffee bag packaging so important?

In a crowded market, your packaging design is crucial for attracting attention. It's often the first impression customers get of your brand, and a compelling design can help your product stand out on the shelves.

What are the latest trends in coffee bag packaging?

Trends include eco-friendly materials, innovative bag configurations, easy-to-use features like degassing valves, tin-ties, and EZ-zippers, and advanced digital printing techniques for high-impact visual designs.

What printing options are available for my custom coffee bags?

We offer digital and plate printing options. 
Digital printing is versatile and allows multiple design variations, while plate printing is more cost-effective for larger quantities. Both methods provide ample space for brand messaging.

Can you provide any design service for my coffee packaging?

Absolutely, we can provide design assistance for your coffee packaging. 
Our talented in-house design team is available to bring your vision to life or help create a new one from scratch. We're dedicated to ensuring your packaging design represents your brand perfectly.

What about the lead time for a custom coffee bag order?

The lead time for a custom coffee bag order typically ranges from 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the specifics of your order. We strive to deliver top-quality custom coffee bags in the shortest possible time

Are your coffee bags smell proof?

Indeed, our coffee bags are smell proof. With high-quality materials, they effectively retain the coffee's fragrance, keeping your coffee fresh until the moment it's brewed.

What is the future trend of coffee bag packaging?

The landscape of coffee bag packaging is rapidly evolving, reflecting both brand identity and consumer preferences. Here are the main trends to watch for:

  • Branding Powerhouse: Coffee bags are no longer just containers; they're becoming potent tools for brand storytelling and differentiation.

  • Personalization: Brands are offering custom designs tailored to their unique story and values.

  • Interactivity: Innovative designs that engage and interact with customers are on the rise.

  • Eco-Friendly Focus: With sustainability at the forefront, green and biodegradable designs are becoming increasingly popular.

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