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Custom sachet packaging

Our custom sachet solutions not only elevate your brand but also resonate with today's eco-conscious consumers. 
Whether it's food, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals, we craft empty sachets that encapsulate your brand's essence while delivering convenience and sustainability.
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Start Your Custom Sachet Packaging Journey

  • 🚀Fast Delivery: Enjoy custom designs and multiple configurations, all with industry-leading speed. Blink and it's there!
  • 🔐 Freshness Lockdown: With a seal on all four sides, our sachets keep your product fresher for longer. It's like a time capsule for flavor!
  • 🎒 Pocket-sized Power: Our single-serve sachets are perfect for on-the-go use and boosting brand visibility. Travel-friendly and promotional-ready!
  • 🌍 Sustainability: Our eco-friendly sachet options align with the growing trend of environmental responsibility. Show your customers you care!
  • 🎨 Brand Visibility: Our custom printing options ensure your brand gets the spotlight it deserves. Let's make you shine!
  • 🎁 Promotional Opportunities: Sachets are perfect for samples, giveaways, or promotional items. Let's spread the word about your product!

Types of Our Sachet Packaging

Fancy a taste test or a travel-friendly package? Sachets offer consumers a convenient, low-risk introduction to your product, while putting your brand on the map.
  • Sachet pouches

  • Stick pouch

  • Custom shaped pouch

  • Sachet Pouches: Our sachet pouches are your product's personal bodyguards, shielding them from light, moisture, and oxygen. Boost your shelf life and brand appeal with our customizable, machine-ready rolls.

  • Stick Packs: Want a sachet alternative? Look no further than our stick packs. They're great for samples and single servings, with flow tubing for high-speed fillers and lay-flat pouches for the rest.

  • Irregular Shaped Sachets: Trim your budget with our like bottle-shaped sachet packs. Perfect for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, they're a masterclass in space, time, and cost efficiency.

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The Fabric of Your Success: Our Sachet Materials

Discover the unique qualities of our range of sachet packaging materials, each waiting to bring your sachet bags to life.
MaterialFeaturesGreat ForPrint Effect
Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)High moisture resistance, DurableProducts requiring high barrier propertiesHigh-quality, vibrant print
Polyethylene (PE)Flexible, Good sealabilityWide range of products requiring ease of openingGood print quality
Aluminum FoilExcellent aroma and flavor preservationPremium products with strong flavor/aroma profilesMatte finish, limited printability
Metalized FilmsBlend of functionality and aestheticsBrands seeking shelf standoutGlossy, metallic print finish
Biodegradable MaterialsEco-friendly, Good protection and performanceBrands with strong environmental focusGood print quality, depending on material

The Power of Pocket-Sized Sachet Packaging

Revolutionize your product with custom sachets, the new face of convenience, quality, and brand appeal.

Sample sachet packaging

Dive into the ultimate sampling experience with sachet packaging. 
Perfectly for Marketing and Promotional, they're the modern marketer's tool for impactful brand introductions.

Cosmetic sachet packaging

Give your audience a taste of luxury and quality with cosmetic sample sachets. 
Portable and precise, they're the beauty industry's secret to customer captivation.

Pharmaceutical sachet packaging

Health and safety meet convenience with pharmaceutical sachets. 
Ensure precise dosages and uncompromised potency, all in a pocket-sized package.

Food & beverages

Savory or sweet, liquid or dry – food and beverage sachets take taste to new territories. 
Serve up convenience and freshness, one sachet at a time.

Oil & sauce sachet packaging

Spice up every meal with our oil and sauce sachets. 
Consistency and flavor, all in one nifty little packet.
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What Our Customers Have to Say


Owner of a Small Fast Food Chain
"Efficiency at Its Best"
"Ever since we switched to these custom sachet packages for our condiments, our customers love it! They're convenient, practical, and make our brand look great."

Tom Cena

Marketing at a Cosmetics Brand
"Quality You Can Trust"
"We needed food grade sachet packaging for our new line of organic skincare samples. The materials are top-notch, and the quality of print is simply stunning."


CEO of an Organic Tea Company
"Eco-Friendly and Innovative"
"The biodegradable sachet packaging has been a game-changer for us. Not only do they keep our herbal teas fresh, but our customers appreciate the eco-friendly approach."

Frequently Asked Questions

New to custom printed sachet packaging or a seasoned expert, we know you might have questions. We're here to answer them all.
what is sachet packaging?
Sachet packaging refers to a small, sealed packet that is designed to contain a single-use quantity of a product. The word "sachet" is derived from the French word for "little bag".
Can I customize the design of the sachet packaging?
Absolutely! We offer full customization options to reflect your brand's aesthetics. From size to design and print, you can tailor the packaging to suit your unique requirements.
How quickly can I expect my sachet packaging order to be delivered?
We pride ourselves on our fast lead times, one of the fastest in the industry. 
However, delivery time can depend on the size of the order and customization details. We'll provide an estimated delivery date once your order is confirmed.
What's the difference between stickpack and sachet packaging?

The choice between stickpack and sachet packaging often depends on your specific product needs and consumer preferences.

Stickpack Packaging:

  • Shape & Size: Stickpacks are long, narrow, tubular packages, making them perfect for single servings of pourable products.
  • Convenience: They are highly portable and user-friendly, ideal for on-the-go consumption.
  • Product Types: Often used for powders, granules, and liquid products like drink mixes, spices, or gels.

Sachet Packaging:

  • Versatility: Sachets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be tailored for various products.
  • Sealing: Typically sealed on all four sides, ensuring product integrity and freshness.
  • Product Types: Ideal for powders, creams, liquids, and small portions of snack items.

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