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Bag in box packaging

Imagine a robust bladder, constructed from multi-layered metallised film, perfectly housed within a sturdy corrugated paper box.

Catering to diverse industries, from vibrant beverages to essential oils and chemicals, our BiB packaging promises unmatched quality. Dive into the bag in box solutions that safeguard your product, enhance your brand, and champion sustainability.

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Explore Our Bag-In-Box Solutions

Explore a vast selection of BIB bags tailored to your needs, and ready in stock and set for immediate delivery. Embrace the future with our bag-in-box solutions.

Standard BIB Bag (1.5L)

Our 1.5 liter standard BIB bag is a convenint solution keeping the rich flavors of your Cold Brew Coffee and Wine intact.
It's a guarantee of quality for every pour.

Large BIB Bags (10L)

Broad opening allows for quick dispensing.
It's the preferred method for managing viscous liquids such as syrup, honey, and condiments, guaranteeing a consistent and flawless flow.

Reusable BIB Bag with Spout (1.5L/3L/5L)

Its sustainable design makes it recyclable, manageable, and ideal for a wide range of products, including cold brew coffee, juice, oil, wine, and more.

Bib Bags Quick Facts

  • 🍷 Extended Shelf Life: Your goods will stay fresh and high-quality for a longer period of time using our BIB container, which will increase consumer satisfaction.
  • 🚚 Transportation Savings: The Bag-in-Box Design enables effective stacking, lowering shipping costs and increasing storage space.
  • 🚰 Easy Dispensing: The spout's user-friendliness guarantees a streamlined and regulated dispensing encounter.
  • 🛡️ Safe and Hygienic Filling Process: Our food-grade packing bags are made with strict quality control in mind, which makes sure that the filling process is clean and germ-free.
  • 💪 Durable and Leak-Proof: No more worries about leaks or spills. Our bag-in-box pouches are made to handle the rough conditions of shipping and handling.

Why wholesale BIB Packaging from us?

Dive into a packaging experience where durability meets excellence. Every Bag-in-Box Container is guaranteed to withstand time and transportation.

💰 Reasonable Price

Boost your brand without going over your spending limit. We provide excellent quality at costs that are reasonable for your company.

📦 Customizable Corrugated Cardboard

We supply outer corrugated paper tailored for bag packaging, with the flexibility to customize its appearance to align with your brand's aesthetics.

🌍 Earth friendly

Choose sustainability & BPA free material. Our eco-friendly BIB bags let your brand make a positive environmental impact.

📦 Low MOQ

Catering to businesses of all sizes. Enjoy flexibility with our accommodating order quantities.

🛠️ Rich Add-Ons

Tailor-made for your needs. From diverse fitments to versatile spout and tap systems, we've got you covered.

🥤 Multi Volume Options

Versatility at its best. Select from a spectrum of volume options tailored for your product.

Common Bag in Box Packaging Examples

Explore how our bag-in-box liquid packaging solutions fit seamlessly into various industries, ensuring product integrity every step of the way.
  • Beverage Industry: From fruit juices, wines and spirits to dairy and liquid egg products, Our BIB pouches ensure extended freshness, easy transportation, and convenient dispensing.
  • Liquid Food: Whether it's sauces, soups, oils, gel or cream products, our bag-in-box pouches offer a practical solution for bulk liquid storage and handling in restaurants, cafeterias, and catering services. 
  • Chemical Applications: For chemicals, lubricants, and industrial fluids, the tough BIB packaging pouch provides a safe and dependable option.
  • Agricultural and Horticultural Products: From liquid fertilizers to pesticides, our BIB pouches provide the agriculture sector with dependable and simple-to-use packaging solutions that resist shipping and storage.
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Bag-in-Box Packaging Questions Answered

Why choose Bag-in-Box over traditional packaging methods?

Opting for Bag-in-Box packaging offers numerous advantages such as extended product shelf life, reduced storage space, and eco-friendly materials.

Additionally, its user-friendly dispensing mechanism ensures minimal product wastage, making it a cost-effective choice.

What materials are used in Bag-in-Box (BiB) packaging?

Bag-in-Box packaging often has a multi-layered structure.
The inner bag is frequently constructed of numerous layers of barrier films to ensure product freshness and preservation.
And the outside cardboard container is often made of robust corrugated fiberboard, which provides structural integrity.

How does the BIB pouch dispensing mechanism work?

Almost all Bag-in-Box packages are conveniently equipped with a tap or spout. This guarantees effortless, well-managed, and clean dispensing, making it incredibly user-friendly, particularly for liquids such as wines, oils, and syrups.

Can non-food products be packaged using Bag-in-Box Pouch?

Of course! Along with food and drinks, Bag-in-Box packaging can hold non-food things like motor oils, detergents, and liquid chemicals, keeping them safe and making them easy to use.

How does Bag-in-Box pouches enhance product shelf life?

The multi-layered construction in BiB packaging pouch serves as a barrier against external pollutants and light. This, paired with airtight closures, guarantees that the contents remain fresh and oxidation-free for longer periods of time.
It is important to note, however, that while BiB packaging is effective, it cannot remain airtight continuously. It normally has a one-year shelf life, making it more ideal for ready-to-drink wines that do not require maturing.

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