Wholesale Tea Bag Filter Paper

Premium Filter Paper for Automated Tea Bagging

Rollstock filter paper is a continuous roll of filter paper used in automated tea bagging machines, designed to streamline the tea bag packaging process.

It offers unmatched strength, perfect porosity, and consistent quality, ensuring smooth operations and the pristine condition of your tea. The filter paper can be transformed into square or round tea bags, or even specialized coffee filter packets.

Embrace the potential of custom tea packaging with rollstock filter paper, designed to elevate your product and meet the dynamic needs of today's market.

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Tea Bag Filter Paper Available

Professional-grade Rollstock Tea Bag Filter Paper for exceptional tea brewing experiences. Bulk options for businesses focused on quality.

Features of Our Tea Bag Filter Paper

A closer look at the engineering behind our filter paper that ensures a flawless brew every time.
Key attributes

What Does Filter Paper Made of?

 Crafted from an economical pulp base, our filter paper combines the robustness of wood fibers with the natural purity of vegetable fibers.

We offer both bleached and unbleached types of filter paper. The bleached option provides a classic, pristine appearance, while the unbleached variety appeals to those seeking a more natural, eco-friendly packaging solution


Industry-specific Attributes

Rollstock Filter Paper Specification
Standard Width125mm / 145mm / 170mm
SampleFree samples, only shipping costs
Production Time10-15 working days
PackingCarton Box
UsageTea, Herabl, & Ground coffee

Features of Tea Bag Filter Paper

  • Heat-Sealable: Seals securely at temperatures above 135°C, ensuring tea freshness and quality.
  • High Strength: Resists tears and withstands the rigors of packaging and brewing.
  • High Permeability: Ensures full flavor extraction by allowing water to flow freely.
  • Heat Resistance: Suitable for steeping in 100°C water for 5 to 10 minutes, maintaining integrity and flavor.
  • Food-Grade Safety: Made with food-grade materials, meeting strict safety standards for consumer health.

Why Choose Bagnpouch's Rollstock Filter Paper?

  • Consistent Quality: Our filter paper guarantees uniformity and excellence in every batch, ensuring your tea bags always meet high standards.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: With both bleached and unbleached varieties made from sustainable materials, we cater to environmental concerns without compromising on quality.
  • Robust Packaging for Safe Transit: Our tea bag filter paper is secured in durable packaging designed to protect against the trials of transport, ensuring it arrives in pristine condition, ready for production.
  • Prompt Delivery, Every Time: You'll stay informed from order to shipment, ensuring your schedules stay on track.
  • Free Samples to Assure Quality: Evaluate our premium filter paper with complimentary samples, allowing you to test our product's fit for your needs with zero commitment.
  • Fair Pricing for Premium Quality: We provide reasonable prices without sacrificing quality, giving you great value.

Top-Quality Tea Bag Filter Paper for Tea Enthusiasts

Unlock the full potential of your tea products with our premium Tea Bag Filter Paper.
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