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Tired of bulky cans and fragile jars? Meet the retort pouch.

It's the sleek, modern answer to food packaging. Think of it as the best of both worlds: the durability of aluminum cans and glass jars, but with the grace and ease of a lightweight, flexible pouch.

As China's top supplier, we craft pouches that resonate with your brand's essence. For food processors, pet food giants, or airlines, our pouches promise quality and innovation. Join us in revolutionizing packagin

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Quality, flexibility, innovation - our retort bags redefine packaging. Explore the range now!

3 side seal retort bag

Experience the versatility of our 3 side seal lay flat pouches, perfect for everything from savory soups to rich sauces and processed meats. 
With the option for vacuum packaging, it's the ideal choice for preserving freshness and flavor.

Doypack Pouch

Discover the strength of our stand-up pouches which are designed to withstand extreme temperatures while attractively displaying your goods.
They stand tall with a robust gusset, ensuring easy access and shelf attractiveness.

Retort spouted pouch

Pour with ease using our liquid-specific spout pouches for retort appliaction.
Whether it's a substantial soup or a spicy sauce, our design offers a mess-free experience, even after boiling and chilling.

Clear Retort Pouch

The High Temperature Retort Pouches are laminated PET/PA/RCPP films of various grades. and it provide maximum transparency.
 View and cook your food directly in the pouch, ensuring it's perfect every time you serve.

Custom Retort Pouch

Turn your packaging into a branding sensation with our custom printed retort pouches. 
Beyond just containment, they're a statement of your brand's promise and quality.

Retort Pouch Packaging for Modern Needs

Explore how retort pouch packaging is transforming the industry with its durability, convenience, and sustainability.


Flexible enough to handle different kinds of products, from liquids to solids. It is ideal packaging solutions for ready-to-eat meals, pet food, beverages, and more.


Using vacunm food packaging, much lighter and more compact than typical cans or jars, lowering storage and transportation costs.

Extended Shelf Life

Barrier characteristics and hermetic sealing prolong product shelf life. The retort bag can rival metal cans or glass bottles in keeping contents fresh.

Fast Heat Transfer

This makes it possible to prepare and sterilize food faster during processing, which saves a lot of time. It can be cooked in the microwave or hot water.

No Refrigeration Required

They are safe to store at room temperature, so you don't have to freeze or refrigerate them.

Convenience for Consumer

It is simple to open, use, and dispose of, increasing customer convenience.

Reasons to Wholesale Retort Pouches from Us

  • Competitive Pricing: Our affordable, high-quality retort pouches are amazing value.

  • High-Quality Materials: Each retort bag is sturdy, leak-proof, and intended to keep products fresh.

  • Customization Options: Our retort food pouches are sturdy, leak-proof, and intended to keep food fresh.

  • Low MOQ: We serve businesses of all sizes with a 5,000-piece minimum. You may test the waters or scale up with us.

  • Rapid Turnaround Times: We deliver on time to keep your wholesale business operating smoothly since we understand the quick pace.

  • Innovative Design Features: Our retort bags are built with the end-user in mind, featuring features such as easy-open spouts and clear windows for product viewing.

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Applications of Retort Pouch Packaging

See how retort pouch packaging is increasingly used in everyday items, offering durability, convenience, and safety.

Sauce & Soup

Enter a world where sauces and soups are perfectly preserved. Every drop tastes and smells fresh thanks to our retort pouches.

Ready-to-eat Meals

We provide fast, flavorful meals in our retort pouches for modern living. Simply heat, consume, and enjoy home-cooked meals anytime, anyplace.

Camping Meals (Outdoor Cooking)

Embrace the great outdoors without leaving behind the comfort of delicious meals. Our retort pouches are your trusty companions for camping, ensuring you get nutritious and tasty meals with minimal fuss.

Pet Food (Wet Food and Treats)

Delight your pets with unmatched freshness. Designed for wet and moist pet food, our retort pouches lock in the flavor, making every bite rich and wholesome as nature intended.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is retort pouch packaging?

Retort packing is a contemporary alternative to classic canning processes that use a flexible bag constructed of multilayer materials.

This food packaging technology sterilizes the contents, guaranteeing a longer shelf life and freshness.

how to use retort pouch

Using a retort pouch is straightforward. For most products, you simply need to open the pouch and consume the contents directly or heat them if required.

Some pouches are designed to be microwave-safe, making them convenient for quick heating. Always check the label for specific instructions.

What materials are used in retort pouches?

The efficiency of a flexible retort pouch is mostly due to its film lamination structure. Let us now go into the specifics:

  • Outermost Layer: Polyester material gives the retort bag strength and toughness against external forces.

  • Second Layer: Flexible aluminum foil acts as a barrier. Light, oxygen, and moisture are blocked by aluminum foil, keeping contents fresh.

  • Third Layer: Nylon, which is suited for boiling water, or high-barrier plastic sheets can be used for this layer. Microwave-safe plastic films have EVOH or PVDC coatings.

  • Interior Layer: The pouch's interior layer is made of high-heat RCPP to endure the retort process.

Remember that not all materials work for retort pouches. Regular plastics may melt during sterilizing.

What are the common testing methods for retort pouches?

To ensure the highest quality, retort pouches undergo several tests. These include burst tests to check pouch strength, drop tests to ensure durability during transportation, seal integrity checks, and sterilization efficacy tests.

What is the typical thickness of a retort pouch and why is it important?

A standard retort pouch is typically a three-ply laminate, comprising an inner layer of polyolefin (0.003 to 0.004 inch thick), a middle layer of aluminum foil (0.00035 to 0.0007 inch thick), and an outer layer of polyester (0.0005 inch thick).
This combination ensures optimal barrier protection against moisture and oxygen, maintaining the product's freshness and extending its shelf life.

How is seal integrity maintained in retort pouch packaging?

Seal integrity in retort pouches is critical for preserving the sterility and quality of the contents. It is achieved through precise heat sealing techniques during manufacturing, ensuring the pouch is airtight and leak-proof.  
Regular quality checks, such as burst tests and seal strength evaluations, are conducted to maintain high standards.

Can retort pouches be used in a microwave, and what should consumers know about them?

Yes, certain types of retort pouches are designed to be microwaveable, specifically those without aluminum foil. These microwaveable pouches are made from materials that can safely withstand microwave heating.
It's important for consumers to look for microwave-safe labeling on the packaging and follow any specific instructions provided for heating.
Typically, these instructions include puncturing or venting the pouch before microwaving to allow steam to escape and prevent the pouch from bursting.
Microwaveable retort pouches offer the added convenience of quick and easy heating, making them a popular choice for consumers seeking fast meal solutions.

How do retort pouches enhance consumer convenience?

Retort pouches offer numerous conveniences, including easy storage due to their compact and flexible nature, lighter weight compared to cans or jars.

These retort packaging bags often feature user-friendly designs like tear notches, resealable closures, and clear windows for product visibility.

How long is the shelf life of products in retort pouches?

Products in retort pouches can have an extended shelf life, often ranging from 1 to 2 years, depending on the product type and storage conditions.

The pouch's barrier properties and the sterilization process play key roles in preserving the contents and preventing spoilage.

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