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Experience High-Quality, Vibrant, and Durable Custom Printed Bags for Your Brand

Unleash the power of custom printing pouches

Upgrade your packaging with our cutting-edge Rotogravure printing services. 
Our expert team etches your designs onto metal plates and transfers them to your pouches or flexible packaging products, resulting in unparalleled detail and vibrancy.
Partner with BagnPouch for custom printed pouches that make a lasting impression on your customers.

Advanced Printing Methods for Exceptional Results

At bagnpouch, we offer two cutting-edge printing methods to suit your custom bag printing needs:
Flexographu Print
Gravure Print

Opt for flexographic printing with BagnPouch to enhance your custom printed pouches with speed, flexibility, and consistency.

This innovative technique, known for its quick-drying ink and high-quality output, is suitable for printing 1 to 2 colors on a single material fiexible pouches.

  • Speed: Faster than rotogravure print
  • Cost-effective: Affordable for large print runs.
  • Consistency: Reliable color uniformity across materials and print runs.
  • Flexibility: Suitable for various materials, including plastics, paper, and biodegradables.
  • Eco-friendly: Often uses water-based inks for lower environmental impact.
Printing Presses Plates
Due to the fact that the material of the printing plate is rubber, it is named flexographic printing, which is a type of relief printing.
The raised part is the copy, which is inked and then printed onto the film.
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Known for its remarkable image quality and ability to reproduce fine details, gravure printing uses engraved cylinders to transfer ink to the substrate.

Mostly used for making exquisite composite bags with 3 or more colors.

  • High-quality output: Exceptional print quality with fine detail and vibrant colors.
  • Versatile: Ideal for printing on films like polyester, OPP, nylon, and PE.
  • Durability: Long-lasting print quality for extended shelf life.
  • Consistency: Reliable color uniformity across materials and print runs.
  • Cost-effective: Affordable for large print runs due to reduced setup costs.
Printing Presses Plates
Gravure Printing Plates feature your design engraved on a continuous steel, aluminum, copper, or plastic cylinder for unwavering precision and superior print quality.
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Precise Color Matching for Custom Printing

Trust Our Expertise in Delivering Consistent, Vibrant Colors Across All Your Packaging"


Achieve perfect color accuracy with Pantone color confirmation from Bagnpouch. 

Our use of the Pantone color system guarantees consistent color reproduction for your custom printed pouches, maintaining your brand's distinct visual identity.

Pantone Metallic

Enhance your packaging with the opulent appeal of Pantone Metallic colors. 

Our custom printing service employs the Pantone Metallic color system, delivering striking, shimmering effects on your printed pouches.

Premium Color Inks for Custom Printing

Explore Our Variety of Color Inks to Elevate Your Brand's Packaging Design

Water-based Inks

Composed of water and pigment, water-based inks provide a green, effective option for sustainable printing, perfect for corrugated packaging with exceptional surface tension.

Oil Based Inks

With a blend of soy, vegetable, or mineral oil, hydrocarbons, and pigment, oil-based inks produce top-notch color results for eye-catching designs tailored to your brand.

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