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Ivy Zhao

Hey there! 👋 Since you've landed on this page, I can't help but think you're either fascinated by yours truly or enchanted by the magic of custom-printed pouches. 

Either way, you're in for a treat! Dive in and let's have some fun together! 😜

About me

Hello there, fine folks!

Ivy here, straight outta Hanan University of Science & Technology. Rocking the Business Development scene at Bagnpouch, we're Henan's answer to all things packaging.

A decade deep in this game, we know the ropes - it's not just about wrapping things up; it's about making them stand out.

Got a packaging puzzle? I'm your gal. I've got a knack for tuning into our clients and whipping up solutions before you can say 'Bagnpouch'.

A little trip down memory lane: Young Ivy once blew her allowance on cookies, only to find them soggy soon after. Dad said it was a packaging faux pas. That soggy cookie moment? It set me on a path to packaging perfection.

Our Happy Clients
Ivy Zhao
From beauty to beverages, snacks to frozen delights, Bagnpouch has mingled in over multi-industries, mastering the art of packaging for each. 
If my musings and insights help you dodge a packaging pitfall or two, then my day is made!
Feel free to contact us.
Email: info(at)bagnpouch.com

Whatsapp: +86-18637857841

Real Talks

Straight from the Chat Window: Raw and Unedited Applause from Our Fab Clients! 🎉

Your Brand, Our Passion

Seal in freshness, lock in flavor. Explore our top-tier flexible packaging solutions.
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