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Posted by Eric Lu,    on January 10, 2024.
Evaluating the Bottom Line: Is Frozen Food Business Profitable
The frozen food sector is a wonder of modern convenience and creativity. Our tables get quick, wholesome meals from it. However, there's a compelling economic story beyond convenience. I'll walk you through the frozen food sector in this blog. Tech and consumer trends are fueling its expansion, but we'll also reveal this sector's profitability. Preview […]
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Posted by Eric Lu,    on January 9, 2024.
How to Make Frozen Food Packaging
Have you ever wondered about the intricacies of making frozen food packaging? Well, it's time to unveil the truth behind this fascinating process. In this exploration, we'll uncover the truth of how perfect frozen food packaging is crafted. From selecting the right materials to the final touches that ensure quality, every step is crucial. Prepare […]
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Posted by Eric Lu,    on January 4, 2024.
Top 10 frozen food packaging suppliers you must visit
In the dynamic frozen food industry, packaging is crucial, going beyond simple containment to impact consumer choices and environmental health. It's essential for safe food transport and storage, while evolving towards innovation, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Top suppliers in this sector distinguish themselves by embracing these three elements. They recognize that packaging is not just a […]
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Posted by Eric Lu,    on November 1, 2023.
From Seafood to Berries: The Versatility of IQF Packaging
There has never been a greater need for fresh, high-quality frozen foods in our busy world. IQF packing is a big deal when it comes to keeping food fresh. Individually Quick Frozen technology ensures that each frozen food part retains its original form, color, and, most importantly, nutritional content by freezing it one at a […]
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Posted by Eric Lu,    on October 27, 2023.
Packaging Material for Frozen Food: Challenges, Types, and Future Outlook
We all recognize the crucial role packaging plays in the frozen food industry, not just as a practical necessity but as a cornerstone of product quality and consumer trust. In this blog, we're going to tackle the pressing challenges this industry faces, showcasing the diverse array of packaging materials and their unique roles. We'll explore […]
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Posted by Eric Lu,    on October 16, 2023.
A Comprehensive Guide to the Frozen Food Business in the Philippines
The Philippines' frozen food business is dynamic, and packaging is crucial to its success. This rapidly growing and diverse sector meets rising food product convenience and quality demands. The frozen food business relies on packaging for quality, safety, and shelf life. It's important for branding and client attractiveness, especially in today's green market. This guide […]
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